Offiste/ Onsite Activities

The Host, Mr. Vikram Singh Bisht is an experienced adventure specialist who is always happy to assist you with activities both on and off the premises.

Offsite activities

Rock Climbing – Mukteshwar offers multiple places where one can indulge in this adventurous activity. The most sought after rock/cliff is the Chauli ki Jaali where one can indulge in this sport.

Rappelling –What fun it is to climb down from cliffs hanging from ropes wrapped around you! All necessary measures are taken to ensure utmost safety of the adventurer at all times.

Zip Line – A zip line is a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. You will be propelled by gravity and will travel from over a valley giving you a top view of the foliage below.

Mountain Biking/Cycling – Enjoy the fresh air & lush green forests on a bike/cycle. Meandering through pine, oak and deodar trees with the air gently caressing your face is a treat in itself.

Night Walk/Star gazing – Night walk is a wonderful experience wherein you can explore the jungle under moonlight/starlight. This is managed under the able guidance of Mr. Vikram Bisht. You have the option to go with lights or without them. A walk in the woods with the gushing wind and the gentle burbling of the streams adds to the adrenaline rush that one feels of walking in the dark jungle. Lie down on the grass and gaze at millions of stars across the sky. You couldn’t get closer to Mother Nature!

Hiking – There are many options for going on nature walks through the wooded forest area. Be it a quiet walk in the jungle, or through the villages, there is something for everyone. The walks provide an opportunity to enjoy nature in the midst of the Himalayas and a chance to appreciate and learn about the local culture. Hikes can be customized with packed lunches based on guest requirements and preferences.

Villages – Talk a walk to the nearest village and learn more about their lifestyle. Their hospitality will blow your mind off. Sit down and enjoy a sumptuous Kumaoni (local) lunch there. You may even get to milk the cows if she lets you.

Waterfall (Bhalu Gaad) – A visual treat – a 60 foot waterfall, with a moderate trek of 45 minutes. The water falls into a clear water basin. In the basin you can see schools of little fish and will merrily nibble on your feet if you decide to enter the cold water. The trek is through dense forests of pine and water streams. You can also indulge in adventurous activities like river crossing and rappelling here.

Thakood Top – This point is on a cliff top and is home to one of the oldest temples. The hike is through dense forests and is an adventure in itself. This is the highest point of the region, standing at 8200 feet. It provides for some breathtaking views and is a photographer’s paradise. For the courageous, overnight camping is a possibility here.

Kapileshwar – It’s a downhill 9 km picturesque hike from Mukteshwar through lush pine, oak and rhododendron forests. It is known for one of the oldest Shiva temples in the region which happens to be 1200 years old. The Shiva Linga is a natural rock formation. This was constructed by Katyuras and is between the confluence of rivers Kumiya and Sakuni. As folklore goes, it is believed that Lord Shiva is the protector of this place and no prayer goes unanswered here. This spot is drivable as well and one can be dropped off a kilometer away.

360 Degree Point – This 150 meter walk from the resort up in the forest has the most breathtaking views possible. One can enjoy sunrise & sunsets in all its hues from the property itself. You can have a bird’s eye view of the Himalayas and the villages surrounding Trishul on all sides.

Trekking – Get your back pack ready and be prepared to go for treks. Both short and long treks can be organized depending on one’s preference. Be it 2 days or 15 days, Mr. Vikram Bisht is always ready to guide and organize treks for you and your family.


Onsite Activities
There are lots of online activities that one can indulge in during their stay at the resort. You can have a go at arcade games like Ludo, Carrom, Monopoly etc and also indulge in a exciting match of badminton, table tennis, squash etc. Take it a little further and get into some strenuous activities like rope climbing, Burma bridge.